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Introducing TPG Sheets

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SOON AVAILABLE: TPG Sheets - Product Designers and Brand Owners, get ready for something big –  literally!

New TPG Sheets give you a full 21,59cm x 27,94cm sheet of a single Pantone
Fashion, Home + Interiors Color. The much larger area means you can wrap a
product in color, evaluate more precisely, and better compare and contrast your

TPG Sheets are available in the same 2,310 lacquer-coated Fashion, Home +
Interiors Colors as the Color Guide and Specifier – in fact, they’re produced using
the same exacting process. Learn more about how TPG Sheets can enhance
your inspiration, specification, communication, and production processes!


  • FOR INSPIRATION: Pantone TPG Sheets help you build your color palette in a big way! With a larger color area than the paper chips, you can lay out, hang up, and review colors from a distance or review the colors in your palette together
  • FOR SPECIFICATION: The larger size of a TPG Sheet offers you a new and exciting way to use and view color. Now you can wrap or fold a sheet of color around your product, whether it be a curved or flat design, to get a much better idea of how the color will appear on your product in the real world.
  • FOR COMMUNICATION: TPG Sheets help you tell more impactful color stories and communicate your color in a bigger way with internal and external teams, create mood boards and presentations, or leave color behind with clients. They can also be cut up or chipped out with 2,54cm x 2,54cm printed gridlines on the back.
  • FOR PRODUCTION: TPG Sheets are ideal for quality control and color
    matching. Because they allow you to view more color at once, you can hold sheets up to your finished product and have even greater confidence that it matches your intended color.

TPG Sheets will be available on short notice!

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