Vision 2020 - The future roadmap

Vision 2020 - The future roadmap

Trend forecast book vision 2020 by Oltmans van Niekerk examines the zeitgeist of today and tomorrow. In the first chapter Heal The World we look at what makes us unique. Information about human behaviour can teach us more about ourselves. Life on Earth looks at how technology can help us to engineer a better future, it can be the ultimate wellness movement. In Harmony Of Difference we look at equality and fairness as the foundation for society and culture. And finally in The Next Wave, we explore how science fiction is on the verge of turning into science fact, and that there is not one future option, there are many.

Consumer insight

Trendforecast book Vision 2020 offers a clear and well-organized overview of world wide cultural, technological, economic and social trends. It is an essential source of information and inspiration for anyone who is involved in long term product development, marketing and strategy.


Oltmans van Niekerk is a trend forecasting agency based in The Netherlands, that offers inspiring consumer
insight & trend workshops and presentations and assist creative teams and manufacturers as they develop future
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