Collezioni Sport & Street no. 87 - A/W 19/20

Comprehensive compilation of information on sports and streetwear. Extensive features about leading and popular brands, the most innovative designers, trade fairs and the fashion scene.


  • More than 200 pages, clearly structured
  • Four core themes explain the roots of the newest trends
  • Photos of the international collections, including all leading labels and brands
  • Professional, visually ambitious photo series featuring denim, streetwear and young fashion
  • Trendsetting and target-related layout
  • List of manufacturers and sources (email and websites)

Issue frequency: 2 issues per year
Months of publication: 01/06
Paperback, 22 x 29 cm, 1121 g, 240 pages
Subscription period = 2 years
Country of origin: Italy
Language: Italian, English