View2 No. 28

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In With the New

With a brand new decade stretching out before us we contemplate the future (and the past) more so than ever, considering the big shifts and evolutions the next ten years may bring. Hoping to emerge and recuperate from years of global political upheaval, there certainly seems to be a hint of hope in the air as individuals, communities and businesses pledge to find their own solutions, working collaboratively to identify and pursue unified goals.

Positive change is on the horizon. In the world of fashion and textiles, substantial developments continue to come through from innovative mills and manufacturers. Realistic routes to establishing circular economies are evolving, and the presence of recycled, recyclable and biodegradable fabrics across key tradeshows are on the up.

Markets continue to merge and evolve. What started out as the ‘athleisure’ trend, a fad to some, is now permanently rooted within our everyday wardrobes. This performance lifestyle aesthetic has become so intertwined, and so paramount to the way we dress, that these now ‘core’ pieces are almost completely inseparable from our casual and denim looks.

VIEW2 is a trend journal with focus on casual sports and jeans wear, with forecasts for the respectively upcoming seasons, street and retail reports, merchandising, analyses on consumer behaviour and its influence on the textile and fashion market.

  • A specialized trade journal full of extensive, complex and widely faceted analyses and trend concepts for the growing sportswear and Young Fashion markets
  • As manifold the market, as divers the way of illustrating the trend information: from classic mood board to crazy fashion graphics
  • Realized and designed by an open team of internationally successful publishers, designers and product specialists
  • Comprehensive section on street wear with photo reports from the "young" fashion cities of the world
  • Inspiration and reference for seasonal concepts and early collection developments, 2 - 3 seasons ahead
  • Notes and information on actual and trendy web sites for street and Young Fashion, club scene, shopping, travel and many other fields.

Months of publication : 02/09