Scout LIFE - Lifestyle trends & Color concepts SS2022

SCOUT’s aim has always been to create dreams that inspire and motivate. Our philosophy is to be prepared and more then ever, we need a clear direction and meaningful design solutions in a complex new world that’s been turned upside down. The old way is the wrong way.
This season we’ve created a brand new format and service to inspire and assist our clients navigate through the challenging and complex product development, buying and retail processes. With an even sharper focus on colour, fabric and materials, sustainability and innovation will become THE driving force in decision making and planning. As the shift in consumer behaviour moves from fast to slow and less is more, we will choose more carefully and responsibly.

At SCOUT we believe in sustainability and creating a healthier planet, so to deliver on our promise, our products have been sourced using recycled and sustainable materials, with less waste and a more user-friendly service fusing tactile, sustainable reports with online supplements and updates. As seasons and trends blur and become transient, the need for newness and a reason to buy is about want not waste, reality not frivolity.

Our LIFEstyle approach to design and merchandising is further confirmation that health and wellness, harmony and therapy, creativity and technology will inspire everything we do. From travel to service, eating and sleeping, from luxury to simplicity, the message is clear. Change is good and had to happen, let’s not waste the moment and move forward not back.