Fashion Snoops White Space

Introducing the first truly collaborative platform wired for creators.

A one-stop shop to get inspired, create new concepts, collaborate, present, and sell. FS White Space brings together creatives from design, product development, merchandising, marketing, and buying.
By automating and optimizing a previously siloed process, FS White Space frees ideas to exist online where teams can interact and improve on them.
It shortens the creative process by putting concepts into action while they are still fresh and innovative.

Use Real-time Research to Discover What’s Next

Access our breaking trend reports, and all the latest updates on cultural shifts and future trends.
Dozens of new reports each week.

Start with Our Design Building Blocks

Grab an image, a color, or an entire trend board. Create your own collage. Customize everything. Now, 5,000 reports are at your fingertips.

Bring In Your Own Inspiration

Have a Pinterest board? Simply grab the link, and import every single image from the board. With one single click.

Rapidly Build Storyboards and Merchandise Plans

Use our hundreds of ready-made seasonal templates to visualize your ideas. Quickly and easily. No more complicated tools. We keep it simple.

Create Dynamic Color Maps, Palettes and Plans in Seconds

Upload an image and know the exact RGB/CMYK code in seconds. Create dynamic color maps, palettes, and plans. Everything a color artist needs to perfect your forecast.

Sell Your New Concepts Easily and Visually

Share your creations with your colleagues, clients, vendors, and buyers. Get their live feedback and invite them to make edits as part of the co-creation process.

Present Beautifully

Present your project as a full-screen branded slideshow. Wow your audience with your professionalism.

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