Vision 2021


Vision 2021 offers a clear and well-organised overview of world wide cultural, technological, economic and social developments. It is an essential source of information and inspiration for anyone who is involved in innovation, product development, marketing and strategy.

Research into long term global developments (5-10 years) is the foundation of the Vision book. What is currently happening in the world affects people’s thoughts and values and therefore what kind of products will be needed in the future. The colours and materials are directly related to the research in this book, these are the aesthetics that are relevant today and tomorrow.

Future-proofing is the process of anticipating the future, analysing the risks and developing solutions. Any future-proof strategy must be aimed to contribute to the sustainable development of our planet. For Vision 2021 Oltmans van Niekerk has examined the zeitgeist of today and tomorrow, what values are important now and in the coming decade? The book shows how to implement these new values for your business and product.

Vision 2021 starts with the concept of The Commons as an answer to systematic economic, social, and democratic change. The commons are the things that connect us, that we share and where we are all responsible for.

Smart World shows how developments in technology and science will have the ability to correct, redesign and drastically improve our lives. Many new techniques will blur the boundaries between nature and technology.

Fantastical Futures shows that we can create new realities, it is a time to leave the truth behind. New restrictions are only defined by how far digital design can go.

The last chapter Calm Down questions our modern society and the human condition. How to be strong, grounded yet flexible and open in turbulent times?


  • Global, technological, environmental and social developments
  • Future consumer insight
  • Strategic concepts
  • Design directions


  • Annual release
  • Clear trend research and consumer insight
  • Innovative materials swatches
  • Colour direction in Pantone swatches
  • Timeline poster