Colour flow 2021 - Colour & Material Guide

Future colour & material

Colour Flow is the annual colour and material guide of Oltmans van Niekerk. Colour Flow relates directly to the long-term directions that are identified in the lifestyle book Vision 2021.

The shifts

The time we live in is full of challenges and opportunities. Many of Colour Flow’s stories represents shifts in our way of thinking and how we view the world. We are delving deeper into the relationship between matter, ecology and society. This alters our view of capitalism and human relationships in the web of life; a state shift

Colour flow 2021

The eight directions of Colour fLow 2021 reflect the rapid changes taking place in the world and the new dynamics that consequently affect materials and colours.
Colour Flow shows how to translate these directions into new colours and materials. These are not limited by season or fashion but attempt to analyse colours and materials for a wider and longer term perspective. Trends with a long term influence that could feature for five years or more.
Colour Flow contains visual and tactile information that is waiting to be adapted to your specific product range. The book offers clear colour and material direction for anyone that is working on future product development.

• Annual release, April
• 175 pages of design directions
• Textile colour swatches and innovative materials
• Pdf file