Trend Union Design & Lifestyle - 2021 Li Edelkoort


2021 Interiors, Colours & Materials by Li Edelkoort

The way food is prepared and the way design research is conducted are becoming so close that often one doesn’t detect the difference between the two. All matter is recomposed, cooked and smoked, blended and battered, tossed and tasted, and therefore the lessons learned from the kitchen can help us to understand and anticipate the future of design. The generous information found in food making is captivating; an almost pioneering quest by a younger generation of designers to create new matter in order to save our resources. The importance of recycling is no longer an exception and generates a whole collection of recomposed and recooked elements that will replace plastic, wood, metal and more. 

The core of cooking is therefore taken as a direction for the transformation of materials and the results are innovative and compelling; introducing 21st century morality to an organic aesthetic that will gradually penetrate all sectors of design. Ceramics will be chunky, glass unruly, textiles hirsute and concrete inclusive, plastic will survive as a resource to be recycled. Traditional materials such as wood and metal will often be handled in a disentangled and more abstract manner, just like a contemporary cook serving a deconstructed recipe. The making of soup is possibly the most important idea, where several ingredients will be intimately combined and blended to create integrated matters able to be 3D printed at last. This inspiring trend forecast leads to another kind of making with respect and love for our planet; introducing another timeline needed for preparing, praying for patience in order to create an alternative pace for planning our future design directions.