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20/20 Vision 2019 - Envisage the Future

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Welcome to the new edition of 20/20 Vision 2019> by Oltmans van Niekerk

A better Tomorrow:

For 2019 and beyond, Oltmans van Niekerk have identified the four macro trends that will drive change and influence how consumer needs will develop. The way people make decisions and companies explore their business models.

20/20 Vision is a tool allowing a view from macro trends to the product level and present the consumer attitudes that will influence tomorrow’s society, design, services, colours and materials.

  • In Live For Tomorrow the focus is on how to move forward from our current standpoint. How we live today is no longer sustainable, the issues that need consideration are accumulating fast; climate change, energy, water. Solutions can be found as long as we are willing to adapt our lifestyle. We must live for the future and not solely our own comfort or success.

  • The Lightness Of Being explores people’s conscious decision to live a more balanced life. Reducing stress, getting enough sleep and having fun are all ways to find happiness and balance. Emotional well-being is just as important as a healthy body.

  • Team Human is about rebalancing the world. We are looking for a new direction. It is time for all of us to have political debate and become involved in subjects like urbanisation, labour, identity and diversity. A pro-active attitude is needed, make a connection and start with changing the unacceptable.

  • In The Mixed Now we enter potential new worlds. We still don’t know to what extent augmented reality and virtual reality will change us as human beings and in what ways they will affect our perceptions. The Internet or the virtual world is no longer somewhere you visit but an integral part of our existence.

The search is for a better life, how to improve, eat better, and buy better products. People are now not just changing their habits, they are changing their relationships with products and with how they live their daily lives. Change is a long term process in which new habits need to become routine and progress can be achieved step by step.

Oltmans van Niekerk

Consumer insight

Trendforecast book 20/20 Vision offers a clear and well-organized overview of world wide cultural, technological, economic and social trends. It is an essential source of information and inspiration for anyone who is involved in long term product development, marketing and strategy.


  • Trend research
  • Consumer insight
  • Strategic concepts
  • Design directions
  • Future materials and colours


  • Annual release
  • 265 Pages
  • Pantone TCX swatches and material swatches
  • Digital file on USB stick


Oltmans van Niekerk is a trend forecasting agency that specializes in publishing trendforecast books, designed to assist creative teams and manufacturers as they develop future product lines.


Price 1 issue = € 2350.00

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