Color Kaleidoscope

By Axel Venn.

Color Kaleidoscope is a book and creative instrument in one. With the help of a uniquely intelligent design mechanism, it enables to create harmonies out of two, three, four or five different colors.

The book also provides you with high level detailed background on colour harmony theory. Color Kaleidoscope is a book for professionals from fashion, trade, advertising, design, architecture, and for students and teachers.

It contains an interactive instrument consisting of:
- 6 color levels, distributed on 3 templates.
- 2 mounts to provide an overall view and to allow individual harmonies to be identified.
- 1 color overview card in concertina form with all 225 colors of the Color Kaleidoscope, including the 150 most common international tones.

Bound, with 140 pages and 169 mainly color illustrations.