About Munsell, the Color Company

Munsell Color is comprised of the original Munsell Color Company that Albert H. Munsell started nearly a century ago. Our specialty is developing and producing physical color standards based on Munsell Color Theory. The result is a variety of simple yet accurate visual color tools that help you work with color more effectively.

More importantly, you can trust in the accuracy and reliability of our color tools to scale from single location to multi-facility enterprise.

Munsell is part of X-Rite, the global leader in color science and technology, which also includes design industry color leader, Pantone LLC. Together we help you achieve end-to-end color control.

Learn how you can apply Munsell Color Theory to improve the speed and accuracy with which you communicate and visually match color. Find a Munsell Color Product that’s right for your application.

Munsell color tools are used across a wide range of industries and disciplines including:

  • Agriculture
  • Government standards
  • Archeology
  • Industrial
  • Education
  • Environmental studies
  • Interior design
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food Products
  • Product Development
  • Geology
  • Safety

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