Grunge Decorative Black textures Vol 1

All our Arkivia books are now also available as digital E-Books an in  a combination (printed + digital)


The Black and White glamour along with the casual and imprecise signs helps us to see the decorations in a new way. Each decoration looks new and can also join with decorations of different styles. Cold geometries along with elaborate Arabic textures or Victorian decorations with elegant modern patterns.

Grunge language, made of ruinings, imprecise brushstrokes, overlapping lines without the fear of error, frees the eye and opens the boundaries no longer closed by the idea of the perfect and shows that the imperfect is also beautiful and in addition it is free. It is a step forward in the world of decorating to an art that is abstracting from its history and lives with less conditioning. This is possible in the world of GRUNGE DECORATIVE BLACK, leaving every designer with the ability to colour and combine it according to their use and personality.

The DVD inside the book contains:

- 400 Large Size Designs

- Bitmap at 300ppi and 100ppi