Outdoor Style - Travel Look Vol. 3 incl. DVD

The TRAVEL concept is the most universal idea of OUTDOOR. It can be combined with adventure, history and culture. It always manages to be different and can be proposed with different styles, from the classic to the modern doodle.
It is now the most coveted and represents an absolute value for any generation.
A life without the journey, without knowing and seeing our world is no longer conceivable and the journey represents an idea of freedom for everyone.
This is why fashion appropriates and globalizes the many different visions of each country.
From local, country, provincial to the universal as a world heritage site.
• 173 Textures
• Pages: 144
• Size: 240 mm x 307 mm ( internal pages )
• Weight: 1320 gr.
• Quantity in box : 10 books
• 1 DVD included in each book
• 173 Vector files saved in 2 ways