Grunge Decorative Color Textures Vol. 1 incl. DVD

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These designs are born from my need to revisit the classic decorations according to a new perspective.
Until now the use of computers had exalted the perfect lines, but also with the computer new worlds can be created starting to break a common and banal vision.This can be done in two directions:

  • The first seeks new forms and worlds and the "ABSTRACT" style serves to experience this.
  • The second one uses the "GRUNGE" language, made of ruin, imprecise brushstrokes, overlapping lines without the fear of error and frees the eye, opens the boundaries no longer closed by the idea of the perfect and shows that even the imperfect is beautiful.

It is a step forward in the world of decoration towards an art that is abstracted from its history and lives off new ones with less conditioning.
Furthermore, the color adds new and complex sensations to these designs, giving atmosphere and great intensity.
Drawings of various styles from cold modern geometries to elaborate Arab textures, from floral decorations to those typically Victorian, all revised with new atmospheres and colors.
Therefore other possibilities for the development of the world of decoration in directions closer to modern and contemporary art.