Zoom on Fashion Trends no. 72

ZOOM ON FASHION TRENDS report is above all a constantly evolving project that serves and promotes the Clothing and Textiles industry. The deepest research, the strongest trends.

The research report with its very own way of supplying information to fashion professionals. The colours, inspirations, materials and lines of the macro trends more than a year ahead of the market. In-depth features on sociological themes, tips on colours, eco waves and directions from major international clothing and textile brands, all the latest trends on the web and the hottest news from the sector. It’s a useful work tool and an invaluable travel companion as your collection is put together.


- Exclusive seasonal colour chart included

- Forecasting on the main season with colours, materials and inspirations

- Focus on the most cool eco materials

- References for all materials published

- Women and Men style analysis from the trend designers

- Trends and colour charts from the most important trade shows

- Colours forecasting for the following season

- Materials forecasting for the following season