Pantone® View Colour Planner # 54 - S/S 2026

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Pantone View Colour Planner 54 

Our brains are the most complex and sophisticated entities in the known universe. Just like a sponge changes shape when it absorbs liquid, our brains change and grow throughout our lives by absorbing and discarding knowledge. Every day, our brains adapt to a new landscape of wisdom, and this learning process changes our form minute by minute. As we step through the doors that AI and generative design have opened for us, we enter a realm of limitless digital learning. Many of us have reached a point where our brains are so filled with knowledge that we must now develop the skill to empty our minds and give our bodies space to feel nothing. We must learn to reconnect with ourselves instead of randomly connecting with everything, everywhere, all at once. Although the mind and brain are often considered interchangeable, they are not.

The mind generates energy through thinking, feeling, and choosing. The physical brain reacts. It is up to us as individuals to control this (sometimes conflicting) process and bring it to understanding. The way we do this makes us human and unique. In a world filled with challenges from diverse viewpoints, it is important to draw on universally humane qualities and understand that, although we have different belief systems, we are all trying to understand the world around us and make sense of our unique experience in it. We are the world we perceive.

Speaking of perception, welcome to our new mind-oriented, brainstorming colour palettes for Spring/Summer 2026. We hope you find them thought-provoking and fascinating. Remember, colour is a brain stimulant, affecting our perception and stimulating our nervous system.

There are many color cards on the market, but we believe ours is unique. We've put all the industrial experience of our color group into making an easy-to-use card that's cost-effective and time-saving, with palettes divided into base shades and fashion highlights. This product speaks the language of color and covers everything from fashion to interior design, from cosmetics to industry.

This product is a proven tool, easy to use and with proven results.

What you get:

>> The key colors, where we introduce each palette with four key colors that form the basis for your merchandising.
>> Key colors + complementary colors: We add two to four complementary colors to the key colors to develop, change and customize the core.
>> Harmony Pages: Creating color blends and harmonies is one of the great strengths of the Pantone View color planner.
>> Product pages, where we show you how product palettes can now be enhanced with color.
>> Download a complete catalog with all the images used in the color trend report, broken down by chapters and uses, as well as our well-known film about each season.