A+A Vibe Active Colors 26.2

Active Trends

This trend book is dedicated to all that is 'Hype' for the active universe. Its versatility across sectors allows it to meet the needs of many designers thanks to a powerful range of key colors and color harmonies, exclusive designs by A+A, innovative and cutting-edge materials and surfaces made or manipulated in A+A in-house material laboratories. Recommended for any industries with creative design process for leisure-wear, active-wear, accessories, electronics and automotive.


  • 6 in-depth trend directions
  • 50 hype trend colors
  • Including all colors on paper and plastic chips
  • Large proposals of color combinations for different applications
  • Plenty innovative materials developments
  • A must for all that is “hype” for an active universe

Ringbinder, 34 x 35,5 cm, 65 pages, text: English

Issue frequency: 2 issues per year
Months of publication: 04/11