Viewpoint Colour no. 15


In this issue of Viewpoint Colour, we explore the essence of humanity. Looking at ways design, fashion, art and other creative forms reflect on the human condition. Starting at our origin, followed by all the things that root

us from our ancestors to our birth, ending the journey with death, which doesn’t necessarily mean the end of life. Colour is of great importance during this journey, speaking to us through memory and constantly influencing our feelings.

In our Arise issue we seek to inspire and inform, helping you with colour decisions for a world that is more visually sophisticated than ever. We hope you will enjoy this issue.

The magazine Viewpoint Color 

With its global trend information from leading color experts, Viewpoint Color is a fantastic addition to Viewpoint Design, which is a trade magazine for product design.

Colors are the most important communication tool and has a great influence on product ideas and purchasing decisions. Did you know that 80% of our decisions are under the influence of colors?

For this reason, it is very important to incorporate colors at an early stage in the product development. The process starts with the purchase of raw materials and ends with the packaging when the product leaves the store.

Viewpoint Color gives you information and inspiration for colors within all industries. The subjects in the magazine are examples of future color trends giving you a global and local overview of the most important color developments. These subjects have the necessary background and environmental information.

Viewpoint Color gives you the possibility of making effective color decisions.

Experience the work of photographers, designers and global color experts. Viewpoint Color is a provocative, aesthetic and culturally relevant magazine that internationally focuses on the colors, regardless of your industry.

With the magazine from Viewpoint Color, you will get a clear and comprehensive color control, market valuations, insights and analysis for developing colors, so you can easily implement your color planning.