Animal Style Textures Vol. 1 incl. DVD

Al onze Arkivia boeken zijn nu ook beschikbaar als digitale E-Books en in een combinatie (gedrukt + digitaal).

Animal skin patterns have started first as a kind of accent for accessories such as bags, scarves, hats and underwear, with a hint of daring provocation.

Thanks to their strong and recognizable optics, animal skin patterns are common now in fashion and subject of permanent revival, passing from a simple copy of the natural model to colour modifications and new pattern arrangements like patchwork or combinations with ethnic, floral, geometric and other motifs.

This book contains 100 copyright-free patterns which are saved on the enclosed DVD in 5 different file formats including vector files.

24 x 30,7 cm, hard cover, 112 pages, DVD for MAC and PC with all images in five vector and bitmap file formats