Trend Union ANIMISM II - Color | Fashion & Trends

ANIMISM seasonless

This innovative tool previews a new creative landscape where fashion is disconnected from trends and marketing, looking for alternative, deeper meanings. Includes fabric references and colour ranges. Based on the same natural elements, the Home & Design forecast looks at sustainable interiors, furniture, objects and materials inspired by animism.

Fashion Forecast
Home & Design Forecast
Home & Design + Fashion Package (both volumes)

This trend book was created by the renowned trend researcher Li Edelkoort, who is behind the company Trend Union. The trend book provides insight into fashion trends and colors. This trend book is popular with many trend-setting design companies, as it offers artistic and abstract inspiration - which therefore also gives new results in design.

The trend book contains an introductory text on the main theme, themes, small texts, colors in cotton materials and beautiful photographs of designs, structure, materials, setups and combinations.

This trend book is aimed at designers, architects, developers and people in the field of fashion design and gives a nice overview of the forecasted trends, and has a clean style throughout the design.