Junior Pop Textures Vol. 1

All our Arkivia books are now also available as digital E-Books an in  a combination (printed + digital)

This book contains 200 modular patterns, printed in CMYK - 4 colour-process-printing.

Manifold picture worlds, such themes as fauna, flora, city surroundings, but also symbols and signs provide manifold suggestions for design and enable indefinitely to create and enrich own designs and patterns.
The samples are all designed in a playful comic-like style and are most notably suited for artists, designer and stylists for the children and young-fashion-sector,
packaging and graphic, but also all other areas, where a cartoon-like style is desired.

The added CD contains all patterns and their single elements in a form suitable for both Windows and Macintosh. The single elements are safed as vectorized files containing paths.

All patterns are ready for production and licence- free.