3 House Trend Book S/S 2020

The 3House trend book will show you all the important trends.

The world trends, include colours and styles, will be discussed in the general part.  

Besides this there are 8 specific trends. These will cover all the important commercial events and target all the important product groups for inside and outside the house.  

The trends are explained by atmosphere, colours, products, patterns and material. After supplying all these different trend elements, they are combined and will provide you new product ideas.  

3House productions is one of the biggest suppliers of design support products and design consultancy services in Asia. 3House is a Dutch company, based in China with over 6 years of local experience.  


  • Digital trendbook
  • Style Figures (NEW!)
  • FREE to use patterns
  • Real material swatches


Issue frequency: 2 issues per year
Months of publication: 03/09