Abstract Checks Textures Vol. 1 incl. DVD

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The world of Tartan and various Checks comes back into fashion. However, something new needs to be done if possible. My research tries to combine this classic world with new patterns.

First, de-structuring and then re-assembling these geometries in a different way, overlapping or breaking lines, moving or dirting with other images or colours. No rules or restrictions but in the freedom of abstraction.

This style is linked to my research on the GRUNGE GEOMETRIC TEXTURES project, but unlike this, I would like to add to the fragmentation of the lines, also that of structures and colours, creating new atmospheres resulting from these processes.

Our eyes now no longer see what we always look at if there are no discontinuity elements from the ordinary. But will they be equally pleasing to look at as the old habitual schemes? Taste changes and evolves over time and perhaps this will happen.