PANTONE® Fashion & Home Polyester Swatch Book

As new markets highlighting engineered materials continue to emerge, and new inorganic materials enter the market, there is an increasing desire for more saturated colors; colors beyon d those formulated for natural fibers; colors whose appearance displays greater hue intensity.

Our new Pantone Polyester Standards address this need and demand for a deeper level of coloration.
Developed with dyes specifically for polyester, these 203 colors are of a distinct difference from our cotton formats; displaying a color depth best achieved with a non-cotton-based textile dyed system.
There are many colors in our new polyester collection that could not reproduce on cotton with the same degree of clarity or intensity.
Creating a special collection of colors using dyes specifically for polyester removes the guesswork, allowing you to reproduce these colors quickly and effortlessly in polyester, as well as other synthetic fibers.
All 203 PANTONE Polyester color references are arranged by color family in a single-volume binder. Each 5 x 5 cm double-layered, unbacked mini-swatch is removable making palette development easy.
Each PANTONE Polyester color reference is also available in individual 10 x 10 cm Swatch Cards and can be supported by Global QTX spectral data.

  • Ideally suited for synthetic materials, our 100% polyester color standards serve as complements to Pantone Textile Cotton System (TCX) and Pantone Textile Nylon System (TN) color standards
  • Uniquely curated colors across all color families meet the market demand for athleisure, footwear, swimwear, sleepwear, fashion accessories, and home furnishings markets
  • Swatch Cards feature unbacked, double-layered fabric for ideal color visualization and measurement
  • All colors are backed by Spectral Data for fast, easy, and accurate production matches
  • Pantone’s material selection, global availability, and speed-to-market keep you one step ahead of the competition