A + A Very Menswear Trends A/W 2021/2022

Over the last few seasons, menswear has changed dramatically, asserting itself as one of the pillars of the Fashion System. Therefore, we felt that changes were required that would respect the new priorities and conditions of this market without betraying the spirit and characteristics of the book.
We have replaced our traditional subdivision into MACRO THEMES allowing for greater diversification and more focus on the KEY STORIES, to be able to transmit inspiration to a greater audience.
Each theme identifies a type of consumer, defined not only by age, but also by nature, habits, lifestyle, obsessions and idiosyncrasies that influence their shopping choices and represents the different facets of today's contemporary man.
Great emphasis is given to the color ranges, to the way they are used in the collection, to the color combinations for the silhouettes.
Each theme will feature basic colors for jackets and trousers along with accents of colors that can be used either for knitwear, shirts, prints and accessories.
Each theme has researched certain sub-themes for key products, characteristics, materials, prints and indispensable personalisation.
At the end of each theme, we provide a number of technical drawings ( ALL AVAILABLE IN VECTOR FORMAT) showing the essential elements of the merchandise. We have also suggested each story in relation to the seasonal collection calendar!
We hope that our efforts will satisfy the demands of the market and  we are looking forward to receiving your comments and feedback.

Issue frequency: 2 issues per year
Months of publication: 03/09