Viewpoint Colour no. 13

Created by VIEW PUBLICATIONS in collaboration with FranklinTill Associates, VIEWPOINT COLOUR is a unique report that focuses on color. VIEWPOINT COLOUR is aimed at all color-conscious industries and provides visual inspiration, guidance and a global perspective on color from the world's leading color experts.

It's all about color!
>> Color is the most powerful communication tool, influencing 50 to 85% of ideas and purchasing decisions.
>> Since 80% of human perceptions are filtered through the eyes, visual cues are critical to getting a message across. Nothing does this better than the thoughtful use of color.
>> Color plays a central role in the design process and is an essential element of a successful design strategy. It should be considered from the moment materials are developed and should be a conscious part of every level of decision-making, from the raw materials that go into the product to the packaging in which it leaves the store.

Prioritize your color strategy.
>> We understand the expense and complexity of color decisions and want to make color planning easier for you.
>> Our goal is to provide you with the critical and actionable color information you need to make more effective color decisions.
>> VIEWPOINT COLOUR focuses on what really matters, giving you both a macro and local view of key color trends, with an emphasis on both what's happening now and what will happen three years from now.

Visual and inspiring!
>> VIEWPOINT COLOUR is an aesthetically provocative, culturally relevant magazine that focuses on the world of color across all product and design industries on a global basis.
>> Turn our visual inspiration into your ideas.
>> VIEWPOINT COLOUR provides clear and comprehensive information on color trends, market validation, insights and analysis, and the psychology behind a color trend to help you with your color planning.

What you will find in VIEWPOINT COLOUR
>> Color news & innovations
>> Design context - color forecasts (12-18 months)
>> Color implementation
>> Visual essays - images and photos
>> Color, Material, Finish
>> Inspiration for color and pattern
>> Color meanings
>> Color prediction (3 years ahead)