Pantone® View Colour Planner # 53 - A/W 25/26

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The concept of family taps into our tribal instinct, it speaks of community and teams. It also implies a space where something is shared, a place where there is a link that connects in a visible way the different elements of a group.

In times when individualism seems to prevail in our society, the idea that we are all part of something, is one of the most appreciated - and perhaps, needed - feelings we have at this moment.

This idea of a group of linked yet disparate individuals is explored in our palettes for Autumn/Winter 2025/26. Duality, young and old, immature and mature, is at the core of our new colour card, not only in our specific colour stories but also in the card as a whole.


There are many color cards on the market, but we believe ours is unique. We've put all the industrial experience of our color group into making an easy-to-use card that's cost-effective and time-saving, with palettes divided into base shades and fashion highlights. This product speaks the language of color and covers everything from fashion to interior design, from cosmetics to industry.

This product is a proven tool, easy to use and with proven results.

What you get:

>> The key colors, where we introduce each palette with four key colors that form the basis for your merchandising.
>> Key colors + complementary colors: We add two to four complementary colors to the key colors to develop, change and customize the core.
>> Harmony Pages: Creating color blends and harmonies is one of the great strengths of the Pantone View color planner.
>> Product pages, where we show you how product palettes can now be enhanced with color.
>> Download a complete catalog with all the images used in the color trend report, broken down by chapters and uses, as well as our well-known film about each season.