Trend Union Trends & Textiles AW 25/26 - PARIS

Experience the Cutting-Edge of Trends with Trend Union's General Trend Forecasting Tool


Unlock the secrets of global trends with Trend Union's General Trend Forecasting Tool, your ultimate resource for decoding macro trends and driving innovation in design and marketing. Crafted to inspire and inform professionals across the industry spectrum, this tool is your passport to staying ahead of the curve.


Expressing macro trends through a captivating blend of inspirational visuals, compelling text, and strategic keywords, our forecasting tool illuminates the path forward for industries worldwide. Explore a rich tapestry of fashion color combinations and textile swatches sourced from every corner of the globe, offering a comprehensive view of evolving tastes and preferences.


Encompassing fashion, accessories, textiles, consumer archetypes, and styling, our forecast is a comprehensive guide tailored to all levels of the business chain. From design and procurement to production, sales, and marketing, our tool serves as a guiding light for development, empowering your team to make informed decisions and drive strategic growth.


Inside, you'll discover trend narratives accompanied by inspiring texts, mood-enhancing visuals, striking photographs, patterns, and colors manifested in sumptuous cotton materials and material samples. This lavish and expansive trend book provides a specific, commercial, and unique glimpse into the latest season, giving you a competitive edge in today's dynamic market.


Published in limited quantities and meticulously crafted in the heart of Paris, each edition is more than a book—it is a true collector's item, a testament to the intersection of artistry and commerce.



Embrace the future of design and marketing with Trend Union's General Trend Forecasting Tool. Join us in shaping the trends of tomorrow, today.