Trend Union General Trends SS 2025 | INSOUCIANCE

"Discover the Enchanting World of Spring/Summer 2025 Trends & Textiles by Trend Union"

Immerse yourself in the world of trends and textiles with the expert guidance of Li Edelkoort in this comprehensive trend tool.

Step into an unexpected realm that transports us back to carefree days, reconnecting us with our inner child and igniting a craving for the sweetness of spring and the radiance of summer. In this whimsical journey, design and fashion transform into fantasies and narratives, providing a balm for our souls and ushering our culture into an era of innocence, filled with captivating imagery and ingredients that soothe our mental landscape.

The early moments of life are filled with wonder. Everything is new. Time is spent exploring the world, from the softness of textiles to the shapes of blocks, the taste of food, and the power of colors. Touch and taste shape our senses and are integral to the journey of learning.

 A Glimpse Inside the Book

"Never before have I been as happy as while making this forecast; the sheer energy of young minds lifted me out of morosity. Elated, each day I went to work I couldn’t let go of the design process since it made me fall in love with the child in me and in us all. I had to smile while composing this book with the many endearing and humorous images that were given preference. The result is in movement, hopping and skipping and running through the pages, giving a new dynamism to otherwise basic scenarios and garments.

My decades-old motto has never been more appropriate and becomes almost a mantra for our times, something I invite you to do: ENJOY!"

— Lidewij Edelkoort

Trend Union Trends & Textiles for Spring/Summer 2025 is your compass to the latest season's general trends and tendencies. This invaluable resource covers every facet of the season's trends, colors, and textiles.

Designed to cater to all levels of the business chain, from design and procurement to production, sales, and marketing, this trend book serves as a guiding light for development.

Inside, you'll find trend narratives accompanied by inspiring texts, mood-enhancing visuals, striking photographs, patterns, colors manifested in cotton materials, and material samples.

This lavish and expansive trend book provides a specific, commercial, and unique glimpse into the latest season.

Published in limited quantities and crafted in the heart of Paris, it is a true collector's item.

Trend Union Trends is released biannually, with the Autumn/Winter edition in spring and the Spring/Summer edition in the fall.