Prints & More Book Wild Tribe & Obscure

Prints & More F/W Obscure & Wild Tribe: This print design trend report comes as a hard copy printed book including online access or as online access only. 

A combination of the 2 main trend stories for the Fall & Winter.

Obscure: This theme  brings together an eclectic mix of luxurious patterns and rich colors for a bold and captivating look. The dramatic damask designs evoke a sense of grandeur, while lace macramé adds a touch of delicate sophistication. Floral silhouette prints provide an artistic, ethereal quality, and the melted forms of flowers add an abstract, modern twist.

The shadowy marble prints introduce a mesmerizing depth and movement to the theme, echoing the interplay of light and shadow throughout the design.

Wild Tribe: This theme intricately weaves together cultural heritage and the untamed beauty of nature, blending ethnic motifs with the captivating allure of animal prints. 

It serves as a vivid homage to a tapestry of diverse traditions, intermingled with the primal splendor of the animal kingdom. These motifs are seamlessly intertwined with houndstooth transformations, adding a sophisticated twist to the theme. 


- Fashionable according to the latest catwalks .

- Designs for any product

- 300 modular repeat prints

- All files as PSD/JPG and or PDF/EPS files

- Free to use in accordance with the copyright terms