November 10th Webinar Session 1 (morning) - GENDERING - S/S 2023 - Li Edelkoort

GENDERING - Spring/Summer 2023 

10th of November 2021 -

10:30 - 13:00 Brussels Time

Presented live by Li Edelkoort in english with translation in Japanese and in French

What you get

* Lidewij Edelkoort's perspective on the future
* Creative input for Trends, Fashion, Colours & Textiles Spring / Summer 2023
* Inspiration for shape, design, styles and materials
* Presentation of the new magazine Talking Textiles Fruit of the Loom
* Live Questions & Answers with Li Edelkoort
* Tickets include a miniature SS 23 trend book that will be sent to your physical address, please enter your full address at checkout

Who is it for?

The seminar is for designers, product developers, journalists, procurement, communication professionals and other professionals who work creatively with fashion, decoration, styling, photography, conceptualisation, trends, colours and lifestyle.


General Admission 300€/ person including the Booklet - Advance payment is INDISPENSABLE

Trend Union Client 2023 -200€/ per person including the booklet - Advance payment is INDISPENSABLE

The current gender movement is refining categories all the time, adding new notions, symbols, flags and words on a regular basis. The pronouns shift, trying to become as neutral as our languages permit, such as they/them and the more abstract ey/eir. With these gender-defining archetypes come clothes that are shared and exchanged, inspired and enhanced, from simple sweats to historic costumes and from worker’s clothes to excessive drag looks.

An exciting period lays before us and might dominate fashion for the decades to come. As such, this trend presentation is valuable for the long haul. Within a reliable wardrobe, fluidity is obtained and will be expressed through the return of styling, where everyone chooses personal ways to pull and layer clothes together and adorn them with hats, belts, suspenders, ties and handkerchiefs, as well as corsets. This culminates in a fluidity of colours, from non-descript gender neutrals to elegant greys and elemental outdoor hues, starting with babyish pastels and lightly-tinted neutrals, but also brighter ranges and ultra-brights for dressing up. Fluidity and harmony go hand in hand, searching for a beautiful balance in our clothes and culture. EXPLORE!