Li Edelkoort Webinar - CANDY CULTURE S/S 2025 - Afternoon Session Only

CANDY CULTURE - sweet spring / sweet summer 2025

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5th of October, 2023, 13H30 Paris time :

Lifestyle book 2025 + new book UXUA UTOPIA

  • 13H30 Welcome
  • 13H45 Presentation of the Lifestyle book 2025, Avant-Garde
  • 15H00 Break of 10 minutes
  • 15H15 Presentation of the new book UXUA UTOPIA
  • 15H45 Q&A discussion



  • Current Trend Union clients : 200€
  • General Admission : 300€
In an unexpected mood that transports us back to insouciant days to get in touch with our inner child, we suddenly crave candy for a sweet spring and an even sweeter summer. Now that sugar has officially been banned from our lifestyle, we seem to desire it even more, and candy stores, chocolate bars and patisserie pavilions are popping up in city centres, village squares and airport lounges. They are decorated with folies and fanfare, executed in elaborate materials, gaudy tones and metallic ribbons, and with marshmallow pompoms in multi-coloured sweet style. Savouring childhood corresponds to our need for eating candy, relishing liquorice and hamstering chocolates. Moments of oomph in a world of anguish, fencing off the fear we have of war, climate abuse and the encroaching loss of self, when the bots take over. The scandalous behaviour of our politicians paves the way for us to feel as irresponsible as a teenager, also voicing our opinions in strong language with hardcore activism.


Design and fashion turn to fantasy and narration in order to cope, and scenarios from our infancy seem to strike a powerful chord. The need for the naïve and the mawkish quest for the colourful suggest a range of myriad hues from the palest gooey pastels to sugared florals via the tang of hard candy, while gummy bears are proud of their transparent gloopy character. The tints work together in squeaky harmonies just as all-sorts play the game and perfectly associate themselves with graphic black and white. Only some candy has the gift for providing essential neutrals, as found in liquorice and nougat, both responsible for elegant summer clothes that celebrate the comeback of formal fashion. Even more chic and stylish are the darkest ranges of réglisse black and chocolate brown, chosen for their presence in immense renderings of the spring suit and the summer dress. Adorable shoes are part of this candy craze and continue a discourse of blown-up proportions and viscous materials, giving the silhouettes a distinct Minnie Mouse allure.