4U2RE-USE Trendbook incl. USB - Special Occasions

Book 2: Occasions
Special occasions play an important role in our lives. People of all ages look forward to holidays like Christmas, Easter, and Halloween each year. We love to dress up, exchange gifts, and eat holiday treats.
Birthdays are great for celebrating with good friends, and New Year’s Eve is a time for reflecting on all the wonderful things that have come to pass. These special days are emotional for us and create memories that last.
We never forget the biggest surprises, our favorite outfits, or the intimate moments we spend with loved ones.
These occasions also inspire us to be imaginative and creative. In our second trend book “4U2 RE-USE special occasions,” we focus on six special occasions, offering ideas and inspiration for fashion, decoration, gifts, and toys.
Each chapter includes illustrated upcycling tutorials for sustainable ways to have fun with your own creativity.