Trend Union Trends & Colors Spring / Summer 2023 | GENDERING

The new term Gendering predicts a new honor in society and culture, where more gender identities and related concerns emerge in a radically renewed view of what has previously been written and thought about when we talk about gender. There will now be a change in the rules.

The current gender identity movement refines the new trend categories and regularly adds new looks and new fun designs. The concepts and ideas surrounding gender issues produce a different set of behaviors, language, and aesthetic principles. As social acceptance is now achieved (although they have not yet been conquered globally), people are empowered to feel even more flexible and fluid and move from female to male to non-gender principles within the same individual.

Everything is allowed, understood and even accepted, so that mental problems and depression can already be avoided from birth. Babies should no longer be categorized in light blue or pink, and retail should eliminate all gender divisions to begin with. Thus, young people are encouraged to become completely their own person from an early age and wave their own flag.

With these gender-defining archetypes, there are new clothing collections that are inspired and improved, from the simple styles to historical costumes and from workwear to the new exaggerated drag look.

An exciting period lies ahead of us and will dominate fashion for decades to come. This Trend Union Color book is therefore valuable for the long haul.

Within a reliable wardrobe, fluidity is achieved and expressed through the return of styling, where everyone chooses the personal way of pulling and putting clothes together and adorning them with hats, belts, braces, ribbons and handkerchiefs as well as corsets. The new look culminates in sonorous colors, from gender-neutral styles to new elegant shades of gray and elemental outdoor shades, starting with baby pastels and lightly colored neutrals, but also lighter ranges and ultra-light colors to dress in. Liquid light colors and harmony go hand in hand and search for a beautiful balance in our clothing and culture.

With this trend book you will get a specific, commercial and unique insight into the latest season SS 2023.

This trend book is a tool that is especially popular with many trend-setting design companies, as it offers artistic and abstract inspiration - which therefore also gives new results in your designs.