Trend Union Design & Interior 2024 - The Great Disruption

A brand new trend book from Li Edelkoort on Design and interiors for 2024 - The Great Disruption

The thoughtful (and slow) craft processes give design its nobility and depth, strengthened by the belief that animistic energy can reside in materials. Tomorrow's objects and textiles should be explored for the possibilities of refined details and finishing - such as braiding, basket weaving, engraving, painting, lace, embroidery and much more. The holistic approach to living has become a sophisticated design direction for our new era, where the functions of space change and require completely new plans for the future; a core community with more space for family and friends and less space for solitude, with a focus on cooking and learning, playing and reading, baking and crocheting

Living rooms will become living kitchens, bedrooms will become junior suites and dining rooms will become libraries and the creative space for reading or crocheting, while gardens and balconies will become desirable and add an extra space to the home. Expand the perspective of even the smallest space.

- Lidewij Edelkoort

Trend Union Home lifestyle & Interior | Trends for 2024

Presents the latest macro trends in design, architecture and interior design. It illustrates the future of our homes and professional spaces, including references to lifestyles, shapes and materials as well as a detailed color chart.

The lifestyle forecast book presents the latest trends in design, architecture and decoration. It illustrates the decoration of our domestic and professional spaces, including references to shapes and materials and a detailed color chart.

Keywords and texts describe the identity and behavior of future markets destined not only for the home and interior, but increasingly for other industries as varied as retail, automotive interior, leisure parks and tabletop design.