Trend Union Design & Interiors 2025 - AVANT-GARDE

A brand new trend book from Li Edelkoort on Design and interiors for 2025 - AVANT-GARDE

We must all be united at the forefront of good practice and human kindness, choose quality over quantity – and be aware that it is not a question of money. In this forecast, the same ideas are generated for the monumental and the domestic, the expensive and the affordable, the absolutely grand and the infinitely small. All people can join the same sublime ambition and share identical, original ways of creating. The consumer becomes the collector, curating their own existence.

Trend Union Home lifestyle & Interior | Trends for 2025

Presents the latest macro trends in design, architecture and interior design. It illustrates the future of our homes and professional spaces, including references to lifestyles, shapes and materials as well as a detailed color chart.

The lifestyle forecast book presents the latest trends in design, architecture and decoration. It illustrates the decoration of our domestic and professional spaces, including references to shapes and materials and a detailed color chart.

Keywords and texts describe the identity and behavior of future markets destined not only for the home and interior, but increasingly for other industries as varied as retail, automotive interior, leisure parks and tabletop design.

Once a military term for a reconnaissance unit that scouted enemy terrain ahead of the main army, this now famous word was quickly adopted by radical activists who identified themselves as political reformists and fought for absolute change in the suffocating French society of the 19th century. Influenced by this politics, art adopted the term to advocate aesthetics as politics, a powerful movement used to achieve progressive social change. In the 20th century, the term became broader and more rampant, including novelists, artists, designers and architects whose experimental works challenged the status quo of the bourgeoisie. To transform the urinal into a work of art. Far beyond the political realm, the movement became powerful, with a taste for opposition to popular culture and consumerism. Avant-garde artists produced works, music, books and buildings that challenged and fought the conformism of mainstream society. The targets were both luxury goods and mass-produced wear that dumbed down society as a whole. Both camps used industrial production and were therefore not considered legitimate works of art or design. They would be seen as soulless artifacts that polluted society. Here we find a strong resonance with the more pacifist arts and crafts movement, which preaches the same ideas of capitalist industries producing artificial culture for mass consumption, with manufactured products of mediocre quality, turning creativity into a commodity. Today, one can detect a rebirth of the Avant Garde, with a growing uneasiness about the excesses of the super-rich and their overwhelming control of society, as well as a sickening sense of the waste of quickly manufactured mass-produced goods.

Both pollute not only the planet but also our culture and endanger our mental and economic health. This malaise creates a violent atmosphere where people take defense into their own hands and where conflicting parties have become unable to listen to each other. It seems that society is rapidly spiraling out of control, and unrest or even civil war can be expected. The brutal language used by our politicians does not help ease the pain. It seems we are on the brink of a cultural conflict, and so the creative forces of the world are beginning to unite by fighting violence with beauty.

A captivating kind of elaborate design and craftsmanship brings with it a militant point of view that makes excessive desirability and celebration a necessity. For us fighting against opposing citizens, culture is the best defense, where the intuitive becomes the guiding principle, the instinctive the way to go, the intelligence of human origin.

The renowned trend expert Li Edelkoort has again published the trend book Design and lifestyle for 2025, for luxury brands that want colors and inspiration for raw and different home designs that can last far into the future.

The most beautiful trend book that really has to be experienced.