UnityColor Light2go II D65

Color matching light UnityColor® Light2go II D65 with high-quality daylight tubes

When it comes to assessing the color of surfaces, the light is decisive. Therefore, it is important to consider color under defined and reproducible conditions.
Natural daylight is not available in consistent quality and conventional lighting does not provide sufficient color rendering.
The Light2go provides you with 6500 Kelvin optimal daylight conditions for your daily work with colors in design and production.
Due to the even light distribution over the entire spectrum and the high illuminance, you can see all surface colors true to life, even the smallest color details and contrasts can be precisely recognized.
The Light2go can be used for color matching in the office or studio as a stationary workstation and on the go as a mobile lamp device.
Examples for possible applications of the Light2go II:

- Creating color collections for example in textile design
- Color consultation with the customer locally or in the store
- Color matching off-site on exhibitions and order shows
- Assessment of color coherence for example with pair goods
- Creating color profiles in architecture, design and trend research
- Color safety on the mixing station and in the laboratory
- Color matching station for incoming goods inspection and production
Technical data:

- Light2go with 2 high-end D65 standard light tubes à 18 Watt
- Color rendering index Ra > 95
- Age-resistant micro prism diffusing pane
- High illuminance >3500 lx on the work surface
- Work surface 63,5 x 40 cm, optimally illuminated area approx. 50 x 30 cm
- The light head can be removed and used as a hand lamp
- Made entirely of aluminum, all parts with high quality powder coating neutral gray
- Weight hand lamp: 2,75 kg / Total Weight: only 6,15 kg
- Power connection 230 V / 50 Hz, 38 Watt, cable length 5 meter
- Meets the requirements of the DIN EN ISO 3668
- Made in Germany
Tip for beginners of visual color matching

For those who want to evaluate professional color, the contents of the standard "DIN EN ISO 3668: 2001 Visual Comparison of the Color of Coatings" are highly recommended.
All relevant information and specifications for visual color inspection are clearly described and can therefore also be used in other industries. Available from the Beuth Verlag in German, English and French.
Standard light D65:

Standard light = defined light by the CIE, international lighting commission, with respect to spectral distribution and color temperature
D = Daylight, simulation of natural daylight
65 = color temperature 6500 Kelvin
Standard light D65 is the most important type of light for the color evaluation, because with this light also fine color nuances are recognizable.