Trend Union Trends & Textiles AW 24/25 - HIBERNATION

The complete trend tool on general trends and tendencies from trend expert Li Edelkoort.

 HIBERNATION - saving essential energy

“The fear of an escalating war and inflation, coupled with generalised social unrest and threatening political conflict, influences people to invent alternative ways to survive winters by keeping temperatures lower, wearing clothing in layers, embracing knitwear and indføre blankets at home. We cook one-pan meals to save gas, we huddle together as a group to keep warm and we cuddle up with loved ones to stay cosy. We swaddle our new-borns and imitate the gesture for our own wellness at any age. We learn how to underdress, to double dress, and we protect ourselves with heavier outer garments. Scarves and gloves are back, as are knitted socks, caps, cowls and balaclavas. Worn with fur-lined slippers and boots. Even with clement winter weather, the preparations are laborious and bring in a new vision of fashions that are solution-driven but also innovative and of another, more absolute order. These multiple, protective behaviour patterns resemble the way some animals get ready to hibernate and that is why this forecasting volume is dedicated to, and inspired by, the various ways of enduring winter, by lowering thermostats, digging in processes, nesting and burrowing, and the transformations of colour and camouflage. Whereas some mammals go into a deep sleep for most of winter, others find solace in drying, freezing, shivering or even the inactive state of torpor. With hoarding and gathering together are other survivalist instincts. These variations are manifold and fascinating as fashion fantasies! We people have a lot to learn from the solutions animals and even plants and trees have found to beat the weather at its own game, surviving and thriving almost because of its severeness.” – Li Edelkoort

 Trend Union Trends & Textiles Autumn / Winter 2024-2025 is a trend book about the general trends and tendencies for the latest season. The trend book covers all the season's approaches to trends, colors and textiles.

This book addresses the entire value chain of a business. Here, design, purchasing, production, sales and marketing can use this trend book as a guideline in their development.

The trend book contains trend stories with inspiring texts, mood pictures, beautiful photographs, patterns, colors dyed in cotton material and material samples.

This large and beautiful trend book provides a specific, commercial and unique insight into the latest season.

 The trend book is published in a limited edition of 250 pieces. and produced and printed in Paris.

Trend Union Trends is published twice a year, AW in the spring and SS published in the autumn.