OVN VISION 2025 - Physical Book

Consumer insights, trends and colour! OvN Vision, a annual trend forecast book, offers a clear and well organized overview of world wide cultural, technological, economic and social developments.

It is an essential source of information and inspiration for anyone who is involved in innovation, product development, marketing and strategy. Research into long term global developments (5-10 years) is the foundation of this book.

Clear trend research and consumer insight;

  • Four drivers of change for 2025 and beyond: 1/ The Global Race for the Future, 2/ Pathways for Progress, 3/ Supercharging, 4/ Life As it Is.
  • Research into global, technological, environmental and social developments 
  • Consumer mindsets 
  • Strategic concepts 
  • Design directions in eight product categories 
  • Colour swatches

All colours/swatches in the printed book have reference to the closest match in Pantone TCX & RGB values.