Colour Flow 2025 - Digital subscription

Colour Flow is the annual colour and material guide of Oltmans van Niekerk. The four directions explore the colours and materials that will be important for 2025.

The Story of Connection

The four colour and material themes for 2025 are all essentially about making connection, with each approaching from a unique point of view.

The digital version of Colour Flow 2025 is ideal for teams working remote and sharing information.

This tool provides access to the colour and material information and comes with four additional updates. A CMF box with colour swatches in textile and paper and the materials provides you with the physical tools.

All colours are created by hand in the studio of Oltmans van Niekerk.

The four colour and material updates will be:

  • July - Colours by region
  • September - Spring/ Summer 2025 Colours
  • November- Material Innovations
  • January - Preview 2026 colours


  • Access to Colour Flow 2025, colour and material information
  • Access for 1-5 team members, for one year
  • 4 colour and material updates, July, September, November and January
  • Downloadable Adobe .ase palette & image bank
  • CMF box with 40 cotton and paper colour swatches
  • Innovative material swatches
  • Monthly news reports

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