Trend Union Colours AW 25/26 - ILLUSTRATION

Color coding of everyday fashion, elevated to become the puzzle pieces of individual artistic expression. Trying the simple to become the exceptional through colors alone. Analogies between nuances in human behavior and animal character are humorous remarks to an otherwise thorough portfolio of color harmonies. We will witness the allegory of floral hues in ceramics, the symbolism of the green shades in vegetables, and the revelation of softer nuances in watercolors.

Several major societal and anthropological movements unite to gather shades of happiness and solidarity. Focusing on empathy and hope, along with a radical stance for beauty that will dominate the world of creativity, letting the spirit soar to escape reality. Acting like an overwhelming urge for self-defense. These movements include the powerful stylistic emancipation of all southern countries, the intimate retreat to our childhood, a focus on disarming outsider art and design, coupled with amateur participation in the creative process. All these major transformative movements collide to consider color as the epicenter of expression, from muted tones to luminous abundance. This whirlwind of influences forms tornado-like vortexes able to pull people in to play and participate, with at times dizzying visual effects obtained by weaving, dyeing, and pattern making. Introducing an activist mentality to a truly sustainable style with far fewer but much more beautiful designs within the meeting and interior world.

Trend Union Colors Autumn/Winter 25/26 is a trend book about the general trends and tendencies for the latest season. The trend book covers all aspects of the season concerning trends, colors, and textiles. This book is directed towards high-end brands and can be used throughout the entire value chain of a company. Design, procurement, production, sales, and marketing can all use this trend book as a guideline in their development and inspiration for many future designs.

The trend book contains trend stories with inspiring texts, mood images, beautiful photographs, patterns, colors dyed in cotton material, and material samples. A color swatch is also included so that you have all the season's colors in your own textile folder. This extensive and beautiful trend book provides a specific, commercial, and unique insight into the latest season. The trend book is published in a limited edition and is produced and printed in Paris.

With this trend book, you will get a specific, commercial and unique insight into the newest season.

This trend book is a tool that is particularly popular within many trend-setting design companies, as it offers artistic and abstract inspiration - which therefore also gives new results in your designs.