Trend Union Colours SS 2026

A trend package for fashion, beauty, design, and other sectors consisting of colour fabric swatches on a roll plus a harmony book with colour combinations, inspirational visuals, textile samples, and explanatory texts. All colour swatches are original and dyed in-house, with the closest Pantone references also provided. Additional cotton color swatches can be purchased upon request.


The surprising analogy of flowers and fashion, petals and palettes, stems and structures, and foliage and fluidity never cease to amaze, installing a sense of wonder. The ways nature changes from fresh to intense to faded is an inspiring journey into the dyeing process and progressive engineered patterns, allowing colour to become closer to the botanical world, alive as seldom experienced before. Clothes will be crafted from the shapes of botanical beauty and coloured from its shades, becoming excessive pieces of highly desirable design, alongside florals that inspire the hues of accessories, make-up and textiles. Unusual colour combinations that take perception out of the mainstream, following nature on its amazing quest for contrast and attraction, inviting our stomach butterflies to wake up in the fluttering fashion sense, embracing the fluidity of flowers. 

Palettes will range from the invisible to signal colours, from dull and dusty, to dreamy to dense and desirable, in an overtly erotic sense. Never has colour been more sophisticated and moodier, moving from shade to shade and tone upon tone in a never-ending close-up on similar directions. A delight to be seen and handled as plain studies or harmonies for various clothes, or as coloured wovens and patterns, and hand-painted tableaux. The analogy of flowers and fashion is therefore an organic flow of constantly shifting ideas, guided by the times we live in and the art we will want to cultivate. For now, a garden of earthly delights.

- Lidewij Edelkoort