Cut'n'Stick 25er

CUT'N'STICK is a strong, double-sided, self adhesive paper. Various color or material samples like fabric, paper or foils can be mounted onto CUT'N'STICK.
The reverse side of CUT'N'STICK has a millimetre grid., enabling the precise and individual cutting of chips.

In addition to the gridded pattern, the surface is divided into standard sizes for 28 chips a 1,5 cm x 4,5 cm or for 20 chips a 2,0 cm x 4,5 cm.

Of course the chips size can be combined, which warranties for an individual choice of chips sizes.

Package of 25 pcs

Please note:

Mounting transparent or translucent materials like fabric, foils and paper can result in fluctuations in the optical and technical measurements of the color.

It functions like this:

All you need is a sharp pair of scissors, CUT'N'STICK and a color/material sample

  • e.g. a PANTONE Color Swatch Card.
  • Peel off half of the protective foil from one of the arrows. 
  • Lay the required material in position and smooth down. 
  • Do the same to the top of the other half. 
  • Smooth the material down once again.
  • Cut the CUT'N'STICK to fit with the help of the printed grid on the back.
  • Peel off the protective foil from the back of the color sample chip.