Texitura no. 59 The Flower Book

110 original designs await you

These designs are based on the last trends, divided in 10 mini-trends, with 10 mini color palettes, and are the result of a hard selection among more than 1000 prints created exclusively for this issue by great pattern designers of all nationalities.

Beautiful and absolutely vector designs.

Each book comes with a unique alphanumeric key that you can use to download only once the 110 vector files corresponding to all the published designs. You may use them as you wish.

The design that you will find inside this book have been created expressly for it, and are based on a set of beautiful trends developed by our team. Floral prints are the great theme of this issue number 59. Once you buy one of the 50 copies that are on the market, you are granted unlimited access and use of all the designs. You can download the files in vector format, so you can alter each design as you wish, or use only parts of them. We guarantee that these designs will not be sold on any online or offline platform, so their exclusivity is granted.

Subscription only
Issue frequency: 2 issues per year
Months of publication: 03/09