4U2RE-USE Trendbook - Baby/Infants/Kids/Teens Unisex incl. USB

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Scientists, environmental organizations, and the Fridays For Future movement are calling for people across the world to do more to protect the Earth.
Sustainability measures, climate-friendly technology, and innovation are leading the way to the future. Brands committed to sustainability are very popular among environmentally conscious consumers.
Feuerpfeil Design, agency for fashion and textiles based in Hamburg, Germany, is dedicating its new trend book, "4U2 RE-USE," to the topic of sustainability.The trend book presents various activities for promoting the protection of animals, nature, and the environment that are fundamentally important to future generations.
The trend book is designed for children and teenagers who get excited about planting flower beds, collecting garbage on riverbanks, building insect hotels, planting trees, avoiding plastic bags, and skipping school on Fridays.
In short-it's for environmentally conscious kids and teens who are committed to protecting the environment and climate in their everyday lives.
With a total of 154 pages and ten chapters, "4U2 RE-USE" offers an extensive compilation of motivation and inspiration for baby, mini, kids, and teen collections.
The trend book serves as a work tool, providing ideas for designers and marketers in the fashion, textile, and advertising industries.

Each chapter contains:

  • inspirational photos and moods
  • attractive all-over prints and motifs for placement prints
  • a comprehensive selection of styles and designs including recommended colors
  • elaborate line drawings / vector graphics from clothing to hardware range
  • fine accessories to round off the collections
  • lovingly illustrated upcycling tutorials