A + A Life in Color S/S 2023 (2023.2)

This book was created to express the way colour enriches and elevates our lives. It was created with a global point of view, to address changing attitudes of women (as well as men), the way they see themselves and the way they are seen.
Life in Colour incorporates fashion, beauty, interiors — everything we touch that stirs emotion through colour. It is a universal book, gender-fluid and timeless in its approach.
The idea is not to be trendy, but to capture the moment, the zeitgeist, the shifts in culture that influence our consumers today.
All digital imagery, additional prints and patterns and extra digital material are now available for download on www.aadesignstudio.it


This season, we focus on tints and hues that enrich our lives, whether it’s the lustrous rind of a fragrant orange, the inky dome of the midnight sky, a sun-bleached stucco wall, or a ceramic pitcher burnished by decades of use. No colors stand alone. it’s the teal velvet chair placed near lichen-green drapery, the pink dress worn with orange shoes, the flash of cerulean eyeshadow against ebony skin, that sets our hearts afire. For color, as for most things, context is everything. Whether a single color or the unexpected combination of hues, it’s that impossible-to-define emotional pull that renews a basic t-shirt, makes a package of soap into an object of desire, or turns lipstick into an obsession. Each color palette tells a story.