Scout MEN 23:24 | Colour & Concept - AW23/24


In this brand-new SCOUT 23:24 report, we evolve and revaluate past season's design solutions with innovative ideas, styling and materials. Everything is changing and moving, just like planet earth. But the pace is slowing, giving us a little more time to breathe and contemplate what’s next, what’s real, what’s new and important. A challenge to be faced by all, from sourcing and manufacturing, to buying and selling. The cycle of life is one of constant change and renewal. Bring it on.

SCOUT unlocks the BIG picture MACRO CODES to envisage the thinking and research behind the overall vision of the season. Use these as starting points for further research and menswear design development. The messages are loud and clear: replenish and cherish, remake / remodel, solitude or wonderment, virtual and experimental.
SCOUT has everything covered to make your research, products and life the best it can be.

In our COLOUR THERAPY, we include additional perforated paper-chips matched to the fabric swatches, for non-fashion product development, packaging, labelling and V.M. This has been a hugely popular addition to our reports. It’s a brand-new season to move forward, embrace change and cherish the world around us.    

In addition to COLOUR + CONCEPT and our 6 macro concepts we highlight the must have’s so you can checklist the season essentials……..
KEY COLOURS – to back for the season
KEY PRODUCTS – smart + casual
KEY FABRICS – knit + woven
KEY ACCESSORIES – head to toe