A+A Surfaces | Material Trends 24.2

A unique trend book focused on innovative, technical and unwoven materials for all fields of design. It includes: key themes of the season, color range in plastic, a large selection of materials and textured swatches, key words and inspirational imagery. All digital imagery, additional prints and patterns and extra digital material are also available.


The circle of life, Cyclicity, history repeats itself. 

Technology allows us to communicate at the speed of light...and we will soon be travelling to Mars, discover new galaxies and it is not long before “space tourism” will become a reality. 

Why do we have this urge to move around, change places, discover new horizons? It is driven by the desire for research, for knowledge and for conquest. An ancestral desire also to defend the species. 

“History repeating” tells us about this: it focuses on the cyclicality of history, where the artistic and socio-cultural movements are destined to repeat themselves. It tells us also of the desire for discovery and renewal that leads -each time- to reinterpret the past, to give it a new life and new meaning. 

These themes, cyclically, are evident in the history of art and fashion. They serve as a compass to guide us tomorrow.