A+A G.Men | The New Gentlemen 24.2 - S/S 2024

A classic, chic menswear book deciphering the current trends and styles of the season. It includes: key seasonal themes, innovative and creative fabrics, prints, color harmonies and inspirational imagery
USB key is included with original A+A prints.
All digital imagery, additional prints and patterns and extra digital material are now available for download.
Issue frequency: 2 issues per year
Months of publication: 01/06

From the editor

In the 24.2, I would like to name this book “OTHER DIMENSION”. These are the key words. With this edition or Di- mension I want to discover other cultures, ethnics, societies nomad lifestyles, in each style traditional and contemporary. Each dimension gives me another view of how I can see the next menswear collection could be. It is like watching a movie, listening to music, or having a dream. When we are doing these activities, we are living and that moment. So, I want to give you this moment and feeling in each mood and pages. When you turn the pages, you will be on the road with me ready to go to another dimension. “Home” will also remain important as a sentiment as well as a place, with designs and experiences that can recreate familiar comforts in any setting. Healing and natural materials, mood-boosting colors and earthy textures will connect us back to nature, and previously marginalized voices and old traditions will be raised up with respect, and a recognition that there is unity and strength in diversity. Another side. From Ganja River to Purgatory, a Natural Zen of  Savasana, to the Wondercus land and western world. So, in this book you will find many  “other dimensions” to choose from.